Welcome to the Attack On Titan Vanquish WikiEdit

This an Attack on Titan subgroup for ROBLOX!

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We do not own anything created by Attack On Titan.

About Us!Edit

The Attack On Titan: Vanquish group, is a game on ROBLOX that you can play with numerous friends. It gives you the experience of going through the Trainee Corps, Joining the Branch, Exploring inside the walls and outside!

The Creator and Founder, Ryxpoint got this idea from messing around with a group of friends when he wanted to create a Roman PD Group!

Along his side was a man name Mrchar, Who is the Co-founder and Co-owner of the game/group. He has been an administrative help with the Staff Team, And Lore.

Our other staff includes.

  • Head Administrator - X3Soul
  • Head Moderator - Shoobruh
  • Head Developer - xm4na
  • Developer - Hackerzone123, ShiroWN, KunVII
  • Admins - Dillon5575, MIXEDJ0KER, Liddy_Kitty, Plank_mp3, SoulOfAnarchy
  • Moderators - Drewnormica, murilodigimon, Vesperti, SebKarios, Maatheeeus, Loumac700

Latest activityEdit

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